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IFC Center
Saturday, Sep 23, 2023 12:10 AM
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Admission Child - $15.00
Admission Senior - $15.00

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A young man named Adam wakes to find himself chained to a rusty pipe inside a decrepit subterranean chamber. Chained to the opposite side of the room is another bewildered captive, Dr. Lawrence Gordon.  Between them is a dead man lying in a pool of blood, holding a .38 in his hand. Neither man knows why he has been abducted, but instructions left on a micro cassette order Dr. Gordon to kill Adam within eight hours. If he fails to do so, then both men will die; Dr. Gordon’s wife, Alison, and his daughter will also be killed. Recalling a recent murder investigation by a police detective named Tapp, Dr. Gordon realizes he and Adam are the next victims of a psychopathic genius known only as “Jigsaw.”

Part of Late Night Favorites Spring-Summer 2023

Film Details
Running Time:103
Director:James Wan
Cast:Cary Elwes
Leigh Whannell
Danny Glover
Shawnee Smith
Assistive Listening
Closed Captioning
Pull Quote
Pull Quote:"An ingenious machine for inducing terror, rage, and paralyzing unease."
Writer:David Edelstein