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Halloween II (Rob Zombie)
IFC Center
Friday, Sep 22, 2023 11:45 PM
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Admission General Admission - $18.00
Admission Child - $15.00
Admission Senior - $15.00

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“Trauma lingers. The greatest fallacy of all slasher sequels is the insistence that a final girl can pick things up where she left off without any visible wounds to show after she's survived a potential murderer. Halloween II rectifies that by only being about the trauma of Laurie Strode and the struggles she has in keeping her head above water in day to day life as the anniversary of the event that forever shook her life approaches.” - Willow Maclay on Letterboxd

"This sequel to Rob Zombie’s take on the HALLOWEEN franchise tears down the series’ ideology, turning Michael Myers into his most evil form. You might be wondering why we went with II, but believe us, this movie doesn’t mess around. Focusing on Laurie Strode’s PTSD and dreamy visions of Michael’s mother, HALLOWEEN II is unlike anything the franchise has ever had to offer. It’s one of the aught’s most brutal horror films, and one of Rob Zombie’s most daring works." -- Evan Schwartz

Presented as part of the series "The Red Eye"

Film Details
Running Time:105
Director:Rob Zombie
Cast:Sheri Moon Zombie
Chase Wright Vanek
Scout Taylor-Compton
Malcolm McDowell