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IFC Center
Friday, Feb 10, 2023 7:00 PM
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Admission General Admission - $17.00
Admission Child - $14.00
Admission Senior - $14.00

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Q&A with dir. Juichiro Yamasaki following the 7:00 show Fri Feb 10 and following the 4:00 show Sat Feb 11!

US Premiere

A story of finding a place to root yourself when life’s obstacles have disheartened you. Multiple characters have stories that intersect including a former equestrian athlete forced to give up on his dream works at a quarry site to work off crushing debt while trying to find happiness with a woman and her infant daughter who are estranged from the girl’s father. Meanwhile, Yambuki, a high school girl stages silent protests at a major intersection that begin to grow into community action to the dismay of her father, a widowed policeman. Everyone’s frustration and loneliness that have been lying just under the surface, increasing reveal themselves and are given a voice, which in turn begins to connect people in unexpected ways.

Festivals/awards: the ACID section of the Cannes International Film Festival

Screening as part of the series ACA Cinema Project: New Films From Japan 2023

Film Details
Running Time:97
Language:In Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese with English subtitles
Director:Juichiro Yamasaki
Cast:Kang Yoon-soo
Kilala Inori
Accessibility:Assistive Listening