DOC NYC Immersive: Creating Highly Clickable Content

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Creating Highly Clickable Content 


DOC NYC PRO hosted its first, virtual two-day webinar program, recorded live on May 5 & 6, 2020 - an immersive two-session deep dive into the nuts and bolts of creating highly shareable online content, especially in this moment when nearly all our social and business interaction has to take place virtually. Guests included representatives from digital marketing firm Smarthouse Creative; ViceNews; and the cult doc hit Fantastic Fungi


On Day 1, we heard from Seattle's Smarthouse Creative, a marketing and PR firm specializing in indie film and creative projects. Co-Founder Ryan Davis and Director of Marketing Amie Simon unpacks the must-have criteria every film and film team need to attract a robust online audience, and the customizations that are necessary to create a unique online imprint for your film. They also offer advice on what's changed in this pandemic moment: who's online, how our social media behavior is shifting as we enter a second month of remote work, and how digital messaging needs to respond to the Covid-19 crisis--or not.


On Day 2, we came back for more guidance from VICE News's video publishing specialist, Olivia Awad, who shared details about VICE's patented approach to creating highly shareable and clickable video content for audiences with lots of choices. Olivia was joined by Kirt Eftekhar, owner of Area 23a Films, the distributor behind Louie Schwartzberg's feature doc Fantastic Fungi, whose grassroots and influencer marketing efforts, both online and off, have helped garner what the The New York Times called, "a level of social-media fame scientists can only dream of." Kirt offered a case study of what's worked for Fantastic Fungi and why, and how the community behind the film has been unstoppable--even in a time of social distancing. 


Moderated by DOC NYC Director of Industry and Education, Caitlin Boyle. 


Tickets are $15 for both sessions; your ticket price unlimited access to the recorded sessions after the livestream. Tickets are non-refundable.