DOC NYC Immersive: Spotlight on Documentary Series



This event was recorded live on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.


Join DOC NYC PRO as we turn our focus to the burgeoning field of documentary series. Our guests include Jyoti Sarda, producer of POV’s first miniseries And She Could Be Next; Michele Josue (Matt Shepard Was a Friend of Mine), director of Netflix’s five-episode docuseries Happy Jail; Rudy Valdez (The Sentence), director of the forthcoming Netflix youth football series; Tyler Measom (I Want My MTV, An Honest Liar, Sons of Perdition) of a forthcoming Netflix true-crime series, and Nanette Burstein, director of Hulu’s Hillary miniseries.


In this 90-minute live-streamed conversation, guests will share how they pivoted from feature-length directing to the series format; the art of pitching—and ultimately selling—a docuseries to a distributor; the opportunities that episodic nonfiction filmmaking afford in terms of narrative structure, pacing, and character development; and the genres and stories that make for good series—as opposed to feature—content. We will also talk about the marketplace itself: the rise in consumption from audiences hungry for episodic fare, and the platforms currently eager to commission. Moderated by DOC NYC’s Caitlin Boyle


Tickets are $15; registrants may participate in the live session, and will also receive access to the recorded session and a written transcript after the livestream. Tickets are non-refundable. 


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