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In the Loop
IFC Center
Saturday, Mar 6, 2021 1:10 PM
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Admission General Admission - $16.00
Admission Senior - $13.00

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A riotous, rapid-fire farce is set in motion when a bumbling, low-level minister in the British government jeopardizes an Anglo-American rush to war in the Middle East. Wickedly sardonic and filled with secrets, lies, leaks, plugs and faulty intelligence, IN THE LOOP sends up a world of bungling bureaucrats entangled in petty rivalries, vindictively foul-mouthed spin doctors and obsequious interns jockeying for favor–with absolutely no parallels with any recent history you might recall.

IN THE LOOP originally opened at IFC Center on February 12, 2010 until March 4, 2010

Film Details
Country:United Kingdom
Running Time:109
Director:Armando Iannucci
Writer:Jesse Armstrong
Armando Iannucci
Simon Blackwell
Tony Roche
Producer:Kevin Loader
Adam Tandy
David M. Thompson
Cast:James Gandolfini
Mimi Kennedy
Peter Capaldi
Tom Hollander
Anna Chlumsky
Gina McKee
Zach Woods
David Rasche
Enzo Cilenti