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IFC Center
Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019 8:20 PM
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Admission Adult - $16.00
Admission Child - $13.00
Admission Senior - $13.00

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Casey Lindeweiler (John Robinson, Lords of Dogtown) inherits radio station WTYT 960 from his father only to discover that it's on the brink of financial collapse. To right the sinking ship, Casey pulls out the oldest trick in radio, the wacky contest.

His grand plan is to host a billboard sitting contest where four people will live on a catwalk in front of a billboard for the chance of winning a mobile home and "nine-sixty thousand" dollars.

Unprepared for the spotlight, Casey rises to the challenge of running a business as he's faced with relentless attacks from his competition, the local authorities trying to shut him down, the media's interpretation of his contest, and mother nature.

"Challenges audiences." - Variety

"The clever indie film tells a somewhat tragic tale of pride and legacy." - Ain't It Cool

Film Details
Trailer URL (YouTube or Vimeo):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7GRIkJSUzU&t=1s
Director:Zeke Zelker
Writer:Zeke Zelker
Editor:Reed Baum
Cinematographer:Matt Blum
Cast:John Robinson
Eric Roberts
Heather Matarazzo
Alice Wills
Leo Fitzpatrick
Darlene Cates
Oakes Fegley
Pull Quote
Pull Quote:"Has the right kind of soul."
Publication:Los Angeles Times