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Dirty Ho
IFC Center
Saturday, Nov 10, 2018 11:59 PM
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Admission Adult - $15.00
Admission Child - $11.00
Admission Senior - $11.00

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** Please note the 11/9 - 11/10 late-night screenings begin at 12:15am, not 11:59pm! **

“Simply put, DIRTY HO is one of the best kung fu comedies ever made. While it succeeds as a straightforward martial arts film, it possesses a delightful sense of humor -- often taking the time to send up various clichés prevalent in the martial arts genre. The hilarious, blood-gushing CRIPPLED AVENGERS parody featuring ‘The Four Handicapped Devils’ is a real treat." (LoveHKFilm.com)

36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN stars Gordon Liu and Wong Yu team up as a roguish vagabond and the 11th song of the Chinese Emperor.  Beset by tricksters, waylaid by would-be assassins and ambushed by lethal Mongolian archers, the duo’s relationship grows amidst a buffet of comic setpieces and some of the most stunning fight choreography ever to grace the Jade Screen.

Screening as part of our Shaw brothers retrospective, Shaw Brothers Spectaculars: Presented in Glorious Shaw-Scope through Dec 29, 2018.