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Movietown Series Ticket Pack

Save big and see more of our series "Movietown: Los Angeles Plays Itself and Other LA Visions" with a discount Ticket Pack for three or five admissions! Bring a friend or two to a few screenings or treat yourself to more movies at a better ticket price.

An individual ticket for each of the included admissions must be claimed online or at the box office for entry.

Not valid for any other IFC Center film programs outside of the 
"Movietown: Los Angeles Plays Itself and Other LA Visions" series, running from July 15-28, 2022. Ticket Packs and ticket selection can now be completed in one transaction - first add your Ticket Pack(s) to your cart, then make your Redemption ticket selections for the desired shows. Removing the Ticket Pack from your cart before your order is completed will also cause your ticket selections to be removed. We recommend claiming your tickets as far in advance as possible - admission is not guaranteed in the case of sold-out programs if ticket redemptions have not been made prior to selling out. Unused tickets from a Ticket Pack are strictly non-refundable, and cannot be used to redeem tickets to the included titles for showtimes that occur after July 28, 2022.